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Depositing research work

Are you a PhD student /researcher/teacher at UPHF wishing to deposit your research and/or research references in HAL ? Here is some advice before you start.


Prerequisites :


What you can deposit in HAL :

  • A full text publication ;
  • A bibliographic reference ;
  • Unpublished material or complementing data (annexes to a bibliographic reference).


How to deposit ?

Click on the « deposit / deposit research» tab of this website. The CCSD (the centre for direct scientific communication) will moderate every full text publication and reference input.


Typology of material :

The complete typology of material that may be deposited in HAL, together with the associated metadata, are available in the HAL documentation..


Managing your deposits

In HAL you can manage your uploads yourself. Just log in to your account and click on the « my space/my deposits » tab.

You will then be able to modify your deposits by adding an extra file or an updated version, sharing or claiming copyright, or managing the bibliographic references of resources quoted in your work. Possible actions depending on the status of your deposit are listed below :

Possible actions depending on the status of the deposit Moderation pending Editing required File online Bibliographic references
View deposit X X X X
Delete from database X X   X
Delete from personal account (refuse copyright)     X X
Edit deposit   X    
Answer CCSD   X    
Edit metadata     X X
Add full text       X
Add annex file     X X
Add new version*     X  
Link file to other resource     X X
Share copyright     X X


*You can upload a new version of your file on HAL, this way your research can be updated. Version 2 will be added to version 1 and will become the default version. (verson 1 will not be deleted). The new version will be identified as : hal-xxxxxxxxv2.

When viewing your publication, users may choose from the various versions you deposited.


The staff at your library can help you with the deposit of full text or references and their management in HAL !

For enquiries or appointments, e-mail us at : servicechercheurs-bu[a]